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Cllr David Carr

Cllr David Carr

David has been a Gillingham Ďladí all his life except for a few years which he spent in Singapore and Stockbury.

Ships and submarines at Chatham were his working life until 1981 when he left to take up a position with Babcock Power in London to build power stations. David then worked for GEC Avionics (now BAE), where he remained in marketing until retirement.

However, being retired didnít sit easily with him and Davidís long interest in local government re-surfaced when he was elected to represent Rainham North in 2007.

David believes that having the opportunity to serve the people of Medway as an elected councillor, and as Mayor, is the most rewarding and most enjoyable job that he has ever had.

68 Kingsway, Gillingham
01634 853366
07985 143541 (mobile)